Museum-Quality Framing Examples


Mr. Cooper, my son loved his framed diplomas. Thank you!

- A. B.

Holy Mackerel he's so great!
Coop it looks awesome. You did a beautiful job. He's hanging happily in my room now. You have totally made my week.

- K.T.

Just opened the package, and the framing is exquisite! Please tell Steve how much I appreciate his artistry. He truly knows exactly what I would like (it's amazing!), and the work is perfect. G. is going to be blown away!

Thanks again,

- A.G.

Great, Coop!
I can’t wait to see it. You are a true artist!! Mahalo!!

- D.S.

Re: CGC Display Box
Meticulously fabricated for all time., beautiful job.

- V. Z.

THANKS! Great, Steve. Just GREAT. You are the best. Thank you!!! Cheers.

- D.

Tell your framer he is the best I have ever seen! 

- G.S.

Thanks, Coop! You are brilliant!
Thanks, a million for thinking about it.
I am in your hands!!

- D.S.

Subject: beautiful frames by Steve Cooper! A. delivered two gorgeous framed photos today – Steve did a masterful job! Please tell him how much I love them!

- A.G.

Steve - Fabulous job! I can't thank you enough. You are a true artist. Warmest regards!

- D.S.

Hi, Steve.
Framed pennants look great ! Nothing like taking a $4 item and making it into art!

- M.H.

Re: framing of map,exquisite, as always! Thank you, brother!

- J.S.

Hi Coop.
Got the frame poster the other day. Great Job!! You are truly a master framer.

- S.S.

The Brady piece looks great! They were very pleased, they were delighted. Client is very happy...has a bunch of family photos she wants framed next.

- M.H.

Dear Steve,
Everything you have ever done has been and remains Beautiful.

- M.W.

Your vision is beautiful, the word impressive is too coarse.

- J.S.