The Start of Sybille Gallery of Art And Creative Custom Framing

For 39 years we have provided the widest selection of frames and treatments, most inspired creativity, and incorporated museum conservation standards to the framing of original art, film posters, and a wide variety of memorabilia. You may view some of these finished projects, along with a description, and their prices, on the Samples Page.
Our results have won awards and pleased hundreds of clients, please see our list of testimonials of satisfaction. We specialize in the framing of comic books and original comic art, film posters, and work closely with restoration experts for works on paper, and antique photographs, when required.

About the Namesake Sybille “Syd Koff” Cooper, 1913‑1998:

The logo portrait of Sybille first appeared in the sports section of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle, May 6, 1936, illustrating the article: “Syd Koff – Bensonhurst’s One-Girl Track Team.”

As a teenager, Syd became a world-class track and field athlete and went on to eventually win the U.S. National Championship in hurdles, 1940. In 1984, she became co-founder, with son Steve, of the Sybille Gallery of Art and Framing in Greenwich Village, New York.

A comprehensive 64-page album of her life can be found at: https://flic.kr/s/aHskLS8RkB

About Sybille Gallery CEO Steve Cooper:

Returning in 1962 from Pietrasanta, Italy, where he carved a six-foot marble statue, Steve earned his BFA from Rochester Institute of Technology, where he studied visual communication with legendary photographer Minor White.

Pursuant to an award-winning career in editorial and advertising photography, Steve has operated the Sybille Gallery of Art and Framing and has published various articles on picture framing and collecting.